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Pain in carotid arteries in neck while running

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Hi, my name is Katie, I am 16, healthy, a competitive swimmer, and have never smoked or drink at all.
As an athlete, I like to keep in shape, obviously, and I know running regularly can really get the blood flowing and give me a balanced muscle build and help me for swimming. But whenever I run for about 3/4 of a mile, the carotid artery in my neck, usually the one on the left side, gives me trouble. It pounds very heavily, so much that it hurts and I have to stop for a while before I can run again. During this time I usually have trouble breathing; I start wheezing, like my throat is closing up.
When I was born, the doctors tested my heart for something, but otherwise I had never had problems like this before. This condition when I run has been around since elementary school during PE classes.
Can any of you tell me what this might be, and how I can prevent it?
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replied September 10th, 2013
Hi - my pain is just a pulsating pain on the left side. Recently went to the Chiropractor. Started two days later. No bulging - it is driving me cray.
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