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Pain in back, in rib cage, on both sides.

Hi. Im a 42 yr old female. I started having pain in my back on both sides at the level of my rib cage. Runs from just below my shoulder blades to hips but does no radiate into my shoulder blades or hips. I felt it for a short time late this morning and it started up again about an hr ago. I'd say it's equal pain on both sides. Its not a stabbing pain but more of bad ache. Its only mildly affected by a deep breath but is worse with movement. What could it be caused by. Also, I no longer have my gallbladder so I know it's not that. Thanks! Sue
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replied June 17th, 2013
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Hi Sue. You can try submitting your question to eHealthForum's Ask A Doctor Network (see the link to the right). You can take the info culled there to your doctor. Either way, its sounds like you need a consultation with your healthcare provider. Good luck!
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replied June 28th, 2013
When someone is suffering from #back #pain, the first step is to find the cause of the #pain. If it is due to overweight then try to reduce your weight. It can be due to some injury in your back bone. For such kind of back pain treatment is acupuncture, yogic exercises.
However find out the cause first and then start treatment.
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