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Pain in armpit / chest wall

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I am 46 y/o male in fair health. For three weeks I have experienced mild pain/discomfort in armpit and chest wall area on both sides however significantly more tender on left side.

When I first began to investigate this concern with a Google search it was pretty easy to eliminate most things such as rashes, injury, wounds, colds & Flu or other infections or everyday illness. What was left was pretty concerning.

I can find no lumps or discoloration and as I examine the area I can only describe a dull ache or burning sensation that intermittently radiates throughout the entire armpit area, up through the inside of the upper arm and down the chest wall. Although there are NO lumps the general area appears to be and feels slightly inflamed. The area most tender and even painful is an area along the chest wall, below the pectoral muscle along the ribs. I have noted no other issues with other gland areas. Also note that I had full labs only a few months ago with everything normal.

Other concerns that may or may not be relevant are an occasion about the same time the discomfort in the armpits began wherein I experienced painful pimple like bump on both nipples. This lasted only a day or two and has since gone away. In my research I did note one possible cause for armpit pain could be clogged ducts - is this correlated and possibly correct?

A second area of concern is a two year battle with upper back and neck pain due to three bulging discs. During this time I have at times suffered horrendous back spasms along the scapula muscle on both sides accompanied by tingling in fingers and forearms - again in both hands. Although the spasms and pain have abated with the use of Glucosamine the tingling and overall soreness have remained and even worsened. I did find some articles that possibly related the disc problems and armpit pain to nerve damage/irritation in the arm/chest area.

And finally I was until recently a long term smoker so my concern and risks for cancer are elevated.

I have scheduled an appointment with my doc later in the week but would like to be better informed before going in. Any suggestion or thoughts would be helpful and appreciated.
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replied June 3rd, 2009
Did you ever find out what was causing these symptoms?
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replied February 16th, 2010
I am 45 y/o male and your post sounds very much like myself, except I do have an isolated area of swollen lymphnodes and what feel like a 2-3" mass on the pectoral muscle that attaches to the arm and just above the armpit. Just went to doc today and am schedule for further eval on March 3rd. I have not seen a doctor for any of the symptoms as you described, although I have experienced all of them. Please post your findings.
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