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pain in anus and groin and testicles. epididimytis?

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Hello sir, Ive been masturbating for the past year, without any problems( once, daily). a month back, i started to feel a slight pain in my anus, it was negligible, but i became worried about my prostate and stopped masturbating for 4 days or so. the pain vanished, and i continued to masturbate, but only around 5 times a week. 3 days back, i had this pain in my left testicle. pain was persistent throughout the day, but nothing unbearable. so i ignored it, and the next day my left thigh also began hurting, but the pain in testicle(left one) reduced. today, the pain is almost gone from my left testicle, but it is on my right side of the groin now.( slight pain in right testicle, too.) and a little pain in my prostate(atleast i think its my prostate.) but it lasted only a few minutes. i also have slight pain( pressure-like) in my lower left abdomen.
is this epididimytitis( excuse my spelling)? also,if i see a doctor will he be able to tell if i masturbate. and i am 13.
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