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Pain in/above right testicle, spreads to abdomen and leg

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I hope someone is able to help as it's been two weeks and no sign of a diagnosis....

It began with a pain in my left testicle, which made walking uncomfortable and seemed to spread to the left side of my lower abdomen and what felt like my left kidney (lower/mid back pain). The pain wasn't severe, but enough to concern me enough to see my doctor.
The doctor had a feel around that area and couldn't find anything wrong with the testicle but suggested that there was slight swelling around the left side of my groin so prescribed me with an antibiotic for 1 week (100mg Doxycycline, taken daily). The antibiotics didn't seem to help much (the pain subsided only slightly) but did make me feel quite sick (felt in my stomach/ & lower abdomen) so I went back to my GP on the last day of the antibiotic course.
The doc said that the nausea was a side effect of this (strong) antibiotic and it should go within a few days.
The pain did fade quite considerably over the next 2-3 days and with the aid of a few probiotic drinks, my stomach started to feel a little better and I was less nauseous.
However, of the next couple of days I started to feel the original pain again, this time on my RIGHT side. Appearing to originate from my testicle, this pain could be felt - stronger than before - in my lower right abdomen, radiating to my back and all the way down my right leg (literally to the sole of my right foot). I have been to A&E (or ER if you prefer) as my right testicle seemed to be a little higher than usual (it always is a little higher than the left one anyway) but the doctor who examined me said it looked/felt ok, ie no swelling/lumps, etc. He assured me that there was absolutely no torsion as I'm "too old, it only happens in kids and under 20's" (I'm 32). My blood and urine was tested and there were no signs of any abnormalities or infection.
For the last 4 days I have had this same pain on the right side - only this morning did it actually feel MUCH better. That was until I went shopping as the 30-40 minutes of walking appears to have antagonized it as the pain has come back with a vengeance. I'm trying my best not to keep poking around down there but I can feel a slight tightness to the cords (?) that my right testicle "dangles" from.
Every day since the pain started on my right side (even now), I have this sick feeling in my mouth, like it's coming from my saliva glands around my jaw but I don't feel sick in my stomach. I'm not taking any medication except for maybe 1 x 400mg ibuprofen tablet a day if the pain gets too much.
I wear supportive underwear always and my clothing is never too tight. I am a little overweight for my height and admittedly do not exercise much at all. My BP is generally always higher than normal (145/100 usually) however this is hereditary and is being controlled by diet and exercise (I'm slipping...).

Thanks in advance!!

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First Helper ohcalcuta

replied August 20th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
hi, add a aspirin a day and drink water only (tap and never purified) go to vitamin store and this time buy Pro-biotics with ultra high culture counts and take 10 billion daily.
look up epididymitis and see if that sounds like your problem but the dr should have noticed since u said he examined u
BTW u can have torsion it is just far more common in kids because they have not finished developing the structure that holds the testicle , it can cause u to loose the testicle
for your blood pressure; add flaxseed oil which is GREAT for u but tastes bad, so remember your taste buds r only at front of your tongue so carefully pour tablespoon of the oil down back of throat and have a small nibble of pickle ready to eat to remove any unwanted taste. (remember when u were a kid and read Huckleberry Finn and the kids had to take their cod liver oil everyday? this has been know for centuries but the fish oil tastes even worse.
for the pain add a acetaminophen to the ibuprofen and u get 1+1=3
ALSO TRY hot baths and when the pain comes from walking; STOP
. . good luck
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replied August 20th, 2011
Thank you so much! I will try what you've suggested Smile
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replied October 16th, 2012
Did you ever find out what was wrong, I'm experiencing the same symptoms, blood pressure is not as high but same symptoms. It's more aggravating then painful, but the dull pain is starting to get to me. Let me know if you've found anything as to why this is happening so I can inform the Dr, if you were ever cured. Thanks!
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