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pain in abdomen around belly button

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I am a little worried and hope that someone else has experienced something like this and might be able to ease my worries a little.

I have had pretty severe pain in the middle of my abdomen for 3 days now. It started pretty suddenly and continues to be painful. The location is roughly a rectangle around my belly button with the longest part being up and down. It does not feel like gas or intestinal issue and all BM and other functions are normal. At first it felt like I got punched really hard and it was even sore to touch it.

I have not changed my diet, have not lifted or overexherted myself in any way, pretty much nothing has changed except that now I have pain.

My doctor took blood tests today and I am waiting as best I can for the results. She doesn't really know what it could be since I don't have my appendix any longer, it is not in the lower left, not radiating to my back or any other thing she mentioned so it is kind of a let's wait and see approach which I am not good with dealing with.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what more to ask my doctor on a follow up to the lab work?

Thanks a bunch for your input.
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replied June 30th, 2010
Yes i can relate totally with the wait and see approach. The pain in your umbilical area could be from a variety of issues that could include musculoskeletal or deeper issues that would include the abdominal contents (intestine) is really the only real anatomy by the umbilicus. if the pain feels superficial its most likely you could have injured your abdominal muscle somehow doing something you might not of even thought of. given that the bowel movements are normal and if the blood tests comes up normal its a good start to make sure nothing serious is going on. If the pain starts to deminish in the next few days i would def lean towards abdominal rectus strain, if it continous or gets worse i would definatley advocate for some other imaging studies , ultrasound since theres no real side effects, or even a ct scan if its really bad. In the meantime if the pain is increased while coughing, or during sit ups , i would say your dealing with a abdominal strain somehow... try some ibprofin and keep intouch with your doctor......
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