For about a year now, I have been having this at time severe Right Neck, Shoulder, and Arm Pain.
I have limited range of motion with my neck and arm, I also have shooting pains that go down my arm, and my hand feels like it falls asleep.
I had a MRI of my cervical spine, which was normal, but due to symptoms my neurosurgeon ordered a nerve conduction study, which did show a pinched nerve or a slowed nerve response.
Based on the nerve conduction study, I was referred to the Pain Clinic, who did 3 cervical epidurals. Which did not really help at all.
He suggested a TENS unit and Voltaren Gel. Then TENS unit helps some but not much, five minutes after I take it off I am in pain again. The Gel really does nothing.
I have completed PT three time (6 week sessions each time).
At my last appointment at the Pain Clinic, when I tried to tell the doctor my symptoms are getting worse, he would not listen. He suggested PT, which my insurance will not cover any more sessions until February, and a nerve conduction study. When I told him I already had one done, his response was "well what do you want me to do then"? That was the end of the appointment.
I am not sure what I should do from here, my shoulder is getting worse and I am losing strength in my hand.
I am so frustrated but I do not know what to do from here.
The neurosurgeon doesn't know what to do, she thinks its muscular or my shoulder. Orthopedic doctor thinks its my nerves and pain clinic doctor has written my off.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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replied July 31st, 2014
look up thoracic outlet syndrome and mention it to your neurosurgeon. It's rare and has two different methods. The test is to raise both of your arms up like someone scored a touchdown. If the arm in pain starts to turn blow it shows an impingement not just in the nerve but the artery. There are a couple different kinds I had to have my rib removed but there is also a band on your scalene muscle which can just be clipped if it's impinging a nerve. I hope this helps it's worth a try.
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replied August 3rd, 2014
Does the dr at the Pain Clinic have a copy of the MRI & nerve conduction study ?
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