Hi, I dont mean to be so open but I need anwsers....

I was on Yasmin (pill) for 5 years.... I came off it and fell pregnant within a month. I had strange heavy bleeding for 2 weeks and I had a Pap smear and internal ultra sound and and ultra sound on my stomach.... I ended up getting the depo needle as I couldn't handle the loss and felt so down and distrusted.... I have only taken one shot and my partner and I want to try again.... I had the need able 3 weeks ago and only the last two times that we have had sex have been very painful. And it's not just after for a few hours it carries into the next day and night..... I've never had this pain before and it's so serve I can't lay anyway but on my back to go to sleep... Can someone please help me out? Thank you
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replied June 4th, 2016
Sorry forgot to fill it in properly.... I had a miscarge...

All my test came up normal..
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replied June 10th, 2016
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I am sorry to hear you suffered so much trauma.

It sounds like he may be banging into your cervix and bruising it. If you position yourself so that your cervix does not touch your vaginal walls, you are fine. When you move around or lay in a certain position and it touches, you are in pain.

Stopping Depo may help. I also would like to suggest that you see your doctor to make sure everything is ok if you have not done so after the miscarriage.

Best of luck TTC!
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