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pain between shoulder blades Can't take a satisfying breath!

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Hello everyone-

I am new here and have been experiencing some symptoms that are freaking me out!! In February of this year (2012) I started experiencing Nausea constantly. From the second I woke up, to the second I went to bed, the nausea was always present. I also started having trouble with my bowels (ie: I would either not be able to go or would go waaaay too often). This led to several (unssucessful) trips to my PCP. She was wonderful however, sending me for all kinds of tests (CBC, Abd. ultrasound, abd cat scan, Hida scan, Gastric emptying study, Upper Endo, Colonoscopy). Through all those tests, the only thing that came back slightly off was my blood sugar was 111 fasting (pre-diabetic range) and that I have a thicker than usual gallbladder, that is only ejecting at 20% and the upper endo showed very mildly inflamed stomach (which I am now on prilosec 40mg a day for). So since then the nausea has gone away, thank the lord! But I have started having this feeling like i can't get a deep enough breath. I have really sore ribs, and between my shoulder blades is really sore. I have had an ekg and multiple chest xrays, a peak flow if 640, and several times the MD has listened to my chest and said that it is sounding fine. I have seen a Rheumotologist, who said that the chest and rib pain is likely muscular, and I am seeing a Pulmonologist this month. I am an ex-smoker, and have noticed an increase in clear phlegm production as well. Also, one or the other of my nostrils is ALWAYS clogged. I don't really have a cough per say, just a need to clear my throat bc of the increased phlegm. I know that no one on here is a Doctor, and that this in no way substitutes for med advice, but has anyone experienced anything like this? I think the doc thinks Im crazy!!!!
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replied July 3rd, 2013
I'm feeling exactly the way u felt. I've gone to the doctor n he gave me muscle relaxers. I'm not feeling any better. I have pain in between my shoulder blades n a sharp pain when I try to take a deep breath. I'm really worried. hope everything turned out good for u. did u finally figure out what it was?
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