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Pain below rib cage left side

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Hi it is more then a week i am suffering by very sharp pain left side below the ribcage (between stomach and rib cage at left side) if i press it i feel nothing but when i take a deep breath,laugh,cough it badly hurts each and every time..... at the other hand same area from back and left corner of the rib cage if i press it !!! it hurts the pain is constant....24 hours and getting worst i am in pain ................i just moved in england bradford from nederland few months ago i have tried to reach my doctor but he is making me appointment after 10 dayes i have been to the hospital but doctor just checked me for 2 minutes and he said you are fine if you feel not good contact to you doctor(i told him i know i am not fine)......i again called to my doctor to make an appointment but he says he only make appointment for after one week and i have to tack paracitamole for pain (it does not help 1%) now i have 6 more dayes to live in the same condition i cant do any thing...Please someone help me i just want to know what is wrong with me because pain is constant ........... or how to talk with the doctor that he under stand my problum????????...... Thank'
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replied July 11th, 2010
left abdominal pain below rip cage
was wondering if you found out what was causing the pain... I have been to ER twice this week... having all the same symptoms you were having... pain with coughing.. breathing or certain movements. I went the day before yesterday with unbearable pain.. a 10 on the scale. they told me I was constipated and sent me home... done what I should for that and the pain has still no subsided .. not as bad as it was the night I went to the ER but I have also been doing less moving around. Whereas the night I went to ER I had been on my feet working all day. I can not function like this I have a 6 year old I have to take care of and I'm a cosmetologist so If I'm not there I don't make money I am seeking answers and would appreciate a reply thanks
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