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Pain Below My TailBone?

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Im a 18 year old male and for about 4 months now ive had this pain thats like blow my tailbone. it hurts whenever i sit down or clench my buttcheeks. Also i have Extremely large poops but ive had those since i was 14.

but within these 4 months it hurts when i sit, and whenever i whipe myself after pooping there is a small amount of blood each time? i thaught it would go away after awhile but 4 months is a long time and i really need advice before spending money at the doctors, just for them to tell me what it is.
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replied January 18th, 2012
tail hurts
I have the same type thing. I have had mri's on my entire back from tip to tail (coccyx). So far, they have not found anything wrong. I have had colonoscopy with nothing serious found. I have been to urologist because pain radiates to scrotal area sometimes. This is very frustrating. I have spent a lot of money and about 2 years time and all I know is what it isn't. I have also been to chiropractor, physical therapy, and urologist did ultrasound. I have no idea what it is. As far as stools go, the best I have found is drink lots of water and eat a lot of fiber. If you find an answer let me know.
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