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Pain around the collar bone

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I am 39 years old.
For the last 4 months, I have had a pain around my collar bone. Its sometimes near the clavicle area and sometimes changes below the collar ( left side). The pain is not Severe or continuous, but there is discomfort when it comes.
It comes for 10 to 15 seconds and stops and stays for one day. I observed that whenever I do my exercising or holding my laptop bag in my right hand, I feel that pain. So I stopped exercising and holding the bag. From that time the pain has gone.
I am unable to understand, is that a muscle pull ..I never had any injury as well. My exercises involved, surya namaskar, few floor exercises and cycling . The cycle had hand movements as well. I drive a four wheeler too.

I would like to continue to do my regular yoga and exercises. But the fear of this pain is not allowing me to do so.
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