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Pain and bulge 4 months after surgery

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Hi everyone, I had my gallbladder removed July 2, 2012...things went great (besides not being able to urinate and having to need a cathater) recovery went amazing...did not even use my pain medication. (used OTC). I am able to eat most food, only thing I have found that gives me problems is corn and popcorn. I also have Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction. They were unsure about removing my gallbladder because of the SOD, but ended up not even making it to my scheduled surgery, had emergency surgey. Surgeon said lots of scar tissue and sludge but pathology came back with normal gallbladder (even though testing said it only worked at 13%ejection fraction)
Anyway, here we are 4 months later and since about a month after surgery the pain came back (right side quadrant...right below ribs). I have noticed a bugle there also, you can not see it, but can feel it when I press around. It comes and goes. The last week I have been having it daily...usually by the end of the day. It is associated with pain, very mild (something I just deal not need meds to help pain). I also get very gassy and have shoulder pain again.
Anyone have an idea what this may be? I have read Incisional Hernia, but I had the bulge before surgery. Could it be my IBS? I am sooooo sick of dr's so really do not want to go back in! I guess I have dealt with this for so long it is nothing new Smile Any input is great!!! Thanks so much!!
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