Nearly 2 weeks ago now I started to have pain while urinating as well as blood, I visited the hospital and I gave a urine sample etc, they prescribed me antibiotics for a UTI and i took them for a week as told. I finished the antibiotic treatment on tuesday and today I am showing the same symptoms as I was previously, the doctor told me that I could have an STI if the antibiotics don't work but I am faithful to my partner and I was tested for any STIs when we first started seeing eachother. I am just asking if it is possible that the UTI has come back for round 2 or if there are any other possible medical reasons for what I am experiencing.
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replied October 12th, 2011
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Hi stevie_boy and welcome to ehealth: You may want to check to see if your partner may have a STI....If not, check with your doctor again...You should not have blood in your urine..This signals a problem...Take care...

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