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Pain all over body. Anxiety related?

Hello, I have been suffering from extreme anxiety for the last few years. With meds. Without meds. I have a bunch of physical symptoms that scare me into panic attacks and I feel like I need some reassurance, or to hear if anyone else has the same issues. I've not on any medication right now. I've been getting stabbing pains all over my head. I've had an MRI of my brain a year ago. Nothing was found. I get stabbing pains in both sides of my chest, my stomach, my arms, my neck and back. My upper back just aches sometimes also. My legs and feet ache almost constantly. At least at one point during the day. That's been an issue since I was about 8. Doctors can't seem to explain it. It just seems worse now. I know anxiety can make all of these symptoms happen alone. But it comes on when I'm not anxiety ridden. I have no other major health problems. Just depression and anxiety. I'm in limbo with getting into a psychiatrist until my referral goes through. My doctor refuses to give me medication for anxiety attacks. Along with the emergency room. I'm 23 years old. Female. There's a prescription drug problem in the area I live in, which makes if impossible for me to get anxiety meds. I've never experimented with a drug in my life. I've been in and out of the ER because I'm scared I'm gonna die. I'm aware that's an anxiety symptom. But I need help with all of this. Sad
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replied September 21st, 2013
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These problem are due to the strain on the mind, these stress are causes , these problem may arise due to this, so try to remove from stress.
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