I believe I have an UTI. I am VERY clean when it comes to "Down There" It concerns me because It hurts when I pee, but at the very end. It also has a funny smell, as if you left urine to sit for days. Also, sometimes afterwards, my clitoris is waaaay more sensitive to movements and the way I walk. I've done some research and I've found that cranberry juice and water helps flush out the system. What do you think I should do? (I'm a virgin by the way, if that helps any) Thank you!! Smile Also...Ive used a different brand of soap when I wash down there.... Do you think that couldve caused it? Rolling Eyes Question
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replied November 26th, 2015
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Water and cranberry juice can help with the symptoms and make your urine less caustic. It does not treat the UTI.

An UTI is caused by a bacterial infection. BActeria is treated with antibiotics.

An UTI does not have anything to do with how clean you are. And, washing down there too much and with harsh chemicals are as much a problem as not washing at all is.
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