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Pain after tooth extraction and another thing?

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I had a bottom right molar extracted a few days ago, I'm having some pain. Seem it's worse when i'm talking or eating. Not muscle but right where my tooth was. I was very careful to make sure It didn't get a dry socket. It looks like it's healing pretty good. The hole is almost closed up and has some white over it. So I know there would be some pain but I was hoping to be more sore than anything. So is this normal ?

The other thing is he looked at everything and told me what needed to be done/fixed. I have some cavity's on my front tooth. He looked at them and said he was pretty sure he could just fill them with that stuff to match my color of the teeth. I have no pain from them, sometimes cold air brothers me but never lasts hardly but for a few seconds. I'm still worried that it's unfixable. I don't want to lose them!

Please only people that have had this same problems Answer these's thanks
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