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Pain after Laproscopic Nissen Fundoplication

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I was diagnosed with intractable (think) that was used Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease from taking a 24 hour PH study and got a score that was the highest the hospital ever saw. In supine my LES was basically open and I would be subjected to hours of stomach acid for years. So an EGD and barrium swallow all confirmed that I do have the heartburn which was uncontrollable, I did the surgery.

Now the question. Other than heartburn, pre surgery, I never had any stomach/intestinal problems. Post surgery its been a 10 year nightmare. Am I the minority. I read about weeks to months of the dysphagia going away, my ability to vomit to return, nutrition troubles to come back to normal levels but they haven't. So every evening I get the expected pains below the ribcage, mostly generalized. This would get worse and go away on a day to day basis. i would bring this up to my care provider and they say its irritable bowel syndrome. But the meds don't help. So my continued pain came to the ultimate on Saint Patrick's day after work. I had a bowel movement and I get the cramping. I call it the rebound pain. My norm. (but should it). It got worse, so bad that the feeling eventually shifted to where my appendicitic was. I went to the ER.

When to the ER and they found my appendix was about to rupture, and that an unusual feeling by my belly button once she let go. So I had an open surgery. What she immediately found was a piece of plastic laying on my intestinces.

How could this get here? if it went through the intestines then there would be a tear in my intestines which they literallly took it all out and checked with no luck. But the plastic crated ganganous tissue which I had to resect the area, as well as an indication of the appendic scarring indicating a past problem undetected.

Looking over all my medical records which I have all of them, checked for the diverticulitis dx from this that was not from the initial GERD, it was what the doctor checked. But post surgery I tested positive for H. Pylori 5 times and I know what it feels like when I have it and I kow from the feeling that I currently have the bug again killing my belly.

SO to truely wrap this up as close as possible, since the Lap surgery, I have had all these problems from what started out as only stomach acid and zero problems via cheks. And now, nothing but problems after problems. Especially where my gallbatter is and the continued cramping where I just want to lay down and sit still all because I didn't want to take a pill? something is being way overlooked or misdiagnosed. Please help me. All I get is the runaround and a slight perk of interest when my pain in the stock finally , through primary care showed an event.
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