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Pain after laparoscopic hernia surgery

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I recently had laparoscopic hernia surgery to repair an umbilical hernia. Had tremendous pain afterwards that blasted a good week. I am now 10 weeks post and am experiencing constant pain in the area around my navel.The surface of the skin is quite tender. Like having a serious sunburn. Am having mild to sever pain from my navel @ 2"-3" up and out toward my right side.also pain downward toward my groin on the left. The surgeon saw me about 3 weeks ago when I was still complaining of pain and told me after about a 20 second exam and told me it looks fine. I told him that I was having pain and was told to call back in a mont if I was still experiencing pain. Well, I am still experiencing pain and it's getting worse and not better. I can't walk for long distances or up inclines w/o pain. Sneezing is the thing I live in fear of. Urination can cause pain in the area of the surgery. I experience pain while simply sittin on the couch. What should I do next?
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First Helper barcrab

replied January 15th, 2012
Sounds like we share similar post op issues except for the groin pain and urination issues. I am six weeks post-op and still in considerable pain on both sides of the navel, mostly on the left side. Sitting, especially driving is painful. I am starting to notice the pain beginning to dull. Still cannot button my jeans, any pressure to my abdomen is painful, even the underware band.
As for some advice, I would examine your typical day and what you do.
I did not even notice that I was opening my deck slider door with one hand like normal and think this may slowing my recovery time. You use abdominal muscles for just about everything. I am now leaning into the door. Seems to be helping a bit.
I also have a post on this site that I have included at the bottom.
No one has responded to me yet but I would appreciate
hearing from you.
We may be able to give each other some advice. ernia-post-op-pain-question-t319593.html
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replied October 21st, 2012
paraumbilical laproscopic surgery it safe method?
please advice me and reply soon.. doctor advice my wife paraumbilical laproscopic surgery..operation plan after two days.. plz advice me it is safe and what hazards related to that kind of surgery..i am waiting
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