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Pain after Hiatal Hernia surgery

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First I want to tell you about my story before the surgery. I had laparoscopic surgery on September 30, 2008 to repair a huge hiatal hernia that I had. The doctors discovered the hernia after multiple tests were performed to find out why I was becoming sick after eating. My symptoms first started in early June of 2008. I was out eating at a restaurant and after only eating a small portion I felt very full and bloated. I started having a lot of pressure in my chest and abdomen and found it very hard to breathe. After about 2-3 hours my symptoms went away, so I thought nothing of it. About 3 weeks later, it happened again while I was eating and it was worse this time.

After doing some research on my symptoms, I found that a gall bladder attack had the same symptoms. By this point in time, I started having the symptoms every time I ate food and it was progressively getting worse. So, I decided that it was time to go to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me. The doctors performed many blood tests for every disease imaginable. The blood tests revealed that my gall bladder was fine, so they decided to perform and ultrasound and CT scan to further the testing. The CT scan revealed that I have a huge hiatal hernia or as one of my doctors called it a monster hernia. He explained that what I have is not a normal hiatal hernia and action needed to be taken.

So, I then had an Upper GI and esophageal manometry performed, which allowed the doctors to see the hiatal hernia while liquids traveled through it and measure the opening of my esophagus. With these tests we found that 3/4 of my stomach have slid up into the upper-right portion of my chest and is pressing up against my right lung. So, this explained my problems eating as well as my shortness of breath. In order to eat even small portions, I have been taking Prevacid 30mg before each meal as well as Lorcet Plus daily for pain. It has been a struggle to deal with this and I have adapted some by eating very small meals, but even that does not eliminate the pain.

So, on September 30, 2008 I had laparoscopic surgery to repair the hiatal hernia. It has been 10 months now since my surgery and I am still having a lot of issues. I have been to the doctor many times and had many tests performed since the surgery with no luck on finding what is wrong. My symptoms are as follows:
- Constant stomach gurgling accompanied by pain
- Sharp pains where my peg tube was connected to my stomach below my ribs.
- Acidic burps that are very foul smelling, almost sulfur-like.
- Nausea
- Diarrhea that can be yellowish

I have been put on many types of medicines including Bentyl, Flagyl, any many others. I have had just about every lab test possible. The problem is that my doctor who is a Gastroenterologist cannot seem to find anything wrong with me. I have felt so much pain and discomfort since the surgery, so I know that there has to be some problem with my stomach or digestive system. So, I am on here seeking any medical advice you can give me as I want to feel better! I appreciate any assistance you can provide!
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First Helper bandicoot

replied August 24th, 2009
Yellow diarrhea and wee can indicate intistinal infection of some sort I am advised.(See doc)
Acid burps - you should not be passing any acid my goodness!
Maybe the new "flap" in your oesophogus has failed - surely get a new doc and insists on a gastroscopy so he can go and have a proper look instead of guessing.

PS : I have just had 2nd Lap Nissen hiatus hernia op (2004 and 2009)and my 1st one was a breeze - up in 3 days and working. Then I fell down stairs last year and tore my incision open.
This one ? No. way. 6 weeks and I am only now starting to get back to normal.He has sewn my diaphragm so tight this time it hurt for weeks.
Go to a specialist surgeon and get it sorted out as its ruling your daily life !
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replied May 8th, 2018
I have the same problems. I had a huge hiatal hernia repaired 6 weeks ago. I have been sick ever since. I have chest pain, stomach pain, burning right upper quadrant pain, extreme gas and bloating. They also found lymphadenopathy and an enlarged esophageal muscle. The doctor said: "I have never had a patient that has had as many problems as you have". Whatever that means. Needless to say, I will never go see that doctor again. I have not been able to eat much and have lost 15 pounds. I think I need a second opinion and evaluation.
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replied March 15th, 2019
Help.. Monster hiatal hernia repair 1-4-2019. Now have gastroparisis. Nausea diarrhea. . yesterday started with upper abdomen sharp pain with burning sensation afterwards. Just discharged March 13th from 2nd hospital visit due to gastroparisis symptoms. These sharp pains concern me don't last long like a lightning bolt then gone but burning sensations follows don't last long either ?? Have been sick sense 2 weeks after surgery at which point gastroparisis was diagnosed as a result of major surgery. Stomach trauma.
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