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pain after gallbladder removal

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I started to get this crushing pain in my chest, felt like someone was shoving my stomach up my rib cage, my stomach looked like i was pregnant and the pressure was so bad it made my ears nose and throat hurt. I was really bad after i eat.

Went to doctor they told me my gallbladder was bad and i had gallstones.

I had Surgery Lapo (spell check that) and the next day i went back under in the GI lab to remove a gallstone out of the bile duck.

I'm 7 days post surgery and my stomach is so bloated 2 people have asked me if im pregnant and its making my incessions hurt. My throat burns after i eat and the pressure is still really bad. Its hard to breath some times because of the pressure. My doctor looks at me crazy when i told him my ears and nose hurt from the pressure but my head is cloudy i'm not crazy.

I have several questions please.

1. is it possible to have such pressure from gas in stomach that it makes your ears and nose hurt. I feel like someone popped me in nose.

2. when does this stop, i have no more gallbladder and im still hurting.

3. when does the swelling and bloating go away, i cant even sit up in a chair good, i feel like my belling is sinking in and it hurts.

Thank you Kim
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replied May 23rd, 2008
Hi have you had a ct scan done for a hernia? your sysmptoms sound very similar to mine as i have a hiatle hernia does it help to belch or pass gas? the nose and ear hurting sounds like a sinus infection and the bloating from the gas will go away in time your body will absorb it and rid itself of it just takes time but the pressure you feel sounds very much like a hernia i would have it checked best wishes to you and good luck.
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replied April 22nd, 2009
I have the same problem
I had my gallbladder removed after I had my daughter in 2003 and I still have horrible stomach pains. No doctor can give ma an answer either. Every time I do go to the doctor they look at me like I am crazy and just wanting pain medicane I have no idea what to do either. They say that I have stones stuck in my bile duck but they never will do anything about it. If anyone knows of another treatment for this disorder PLEASE let me know. I am sick and tired of hurting all the time and know one beliveing me.
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replied May 9th, 2009
hi if you do have stones they can remove them..go back to your surgeon or spec..........i no about the pain i have it to and now questioning SOD
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