After iv had a night out drinking, i find that the next day i have pains at the top of my arm, under my armpits and down the side of my ribs / chest. These areas are very sensitive.
The pains is the same kind of pain you get when you touch a bruise.

Anyone heard of this before? Thanks alot.
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replied April 11th, 2009
Pain after Drinking
Yes, I had pain after drinking, very similar to what you described, for years.

After undergoing every test imaginable and finding nothing, I opted to quit drinking.

The pain still occurs, not as often or as severe as when I drank. Has been a couple of years now, no improvement, but not gotten worse, try to avoid certain foods.

Good luck!

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replied October 10th, 2017
Pain in lymph nodes
Has anyone figured out what this pain after drinking is? I have pain in my lymph nodes after having a drink or two, it starts about 24 hours after the drinking and lasts for about a day or two. It feels like I'm bruised all over (jaw, neck, chest armpits). Thanks!
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