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pain after appendix surgery

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I had my appendix removed right at 2 weeks ago. I am still experiencing pain on my right side where my appendix would be. The doctor that did the surgery said my appendix where behind my colon and he had to "move things around" to get it out. He also said my appendix was rather large and was very hard. I'm not sure if my pain is normal or if something else is going on.
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First Helper mellawn

replied August 15th, 2010
I am 24 years old and i had my appendix removed six months ago from the large 6cm incision instead of the small keyhole procedure,
It took three weeks for me to heal enough that i could sit and stand without help, though the pain never went away completely.
I have dull pain at the site of the surgery, it's constant and noticable.When i cough,have a bowel movement,sneeze etc. anything that strains those musscles i feel intense pain.I can no longer sleep on my side because of the uncomfortable pressure i feel in my abdomen.Also Once a month my stomache will swell as if i am 7 month's pregnant and will last for a week sometime's more.My bladder seem's smaller to me now because i am waking every 2 hours to use the bathroom where as before i could go all night and not even need to use the bathroom in the morning untill i had coffee.
The doc's say all is well and there are no complication's.The more i reasearch this topic the more i find that so many other's are going thru the same thing as i am with this surgery.Six month's and i still can't even graze the scar without a painful nerve shock, well that's the best way i now to explain what it feel's like.
Other symptoms since surgery:
Back pain
Chest pain
Rapid heart beat
numbness at incision site
pinching sensation at incision sit when sitting

I don't think doctor's are willing to admit that this so called "simple procedure' is more complicated than originally believed.
It has changed my entire lifestyle in a negative way and i am left with no answer's, only question's.
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