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pain after appendix removed

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I had my appendix removed in September of 2009. Since then I am experiencing bloating after eating, pain above my belly button area, constipation, and pain in the middle of my back. Are these things normal after having your appendix removed? I am miserable!!! I don't feel normal anymore. I just want to be able to enjoy my family and not be sick all of the time. I plan on making an appointment at the beginning of the year to find out what's wrong with me. If anyone has had similar problems and has the answers for me I would greatly appreciate it.
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replied January 16th, 2010
i have a similar problem. i had my appendix removed when i was 20-21yrs old, almost 2yrs in july 2010. i have been been having pain in my lower back. but worst of all. it seems as though i also have a nerve problem right by my belly botton, where the the main cut was made out of the 3. it feels as though there is something thats in a knot sometime right under the scar. and when i work out, at least cetain work outs that i can no longer do like, (bench press, abs, ect) my stomache swells up, and i feel a tingle/ numbness all down the lower half of my body, sometimes even when doing my daily nothing, at work ect. i have gone weeks, w/o working out, and nothing. i have gone to the doc, serval time, and have ruled out a strain muscle, and hernia. im Plan F*%#@ing sick of paying doctors for nothing, it running my dry. i knows it has something to do a never b/c whe it acts up, it has all the signs poting a nerve issuse, like cold feet, the numbness, and tingling, it sometimes effect my love life. i have even done the pin test with a niddle, ive poked parts of my body that are NOT effected by this pain, and i feel the poke 10/10, and the ares by the effect area a feel the poke about 6/10. it has taken a toll on my whole life, im no longer the person i was. sometimes i wonder what we pay doctors for. they have taken everythng from me, and are not slowing down. like i said this has taken a toll on every part of my life you can think of. if anyone knows what this could be or doctors that knows what they are doing, and does not treat me like a number please let know on this page. im in ILL. i used to 175LBs solids muscle im now 155Lbs.
P.S. i have also been having an issuse with my bowel movent, but are manageable. thanks luis
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replied January 20th, 2010
digestive problmes after appendectomy
hi, I am male 27 and had a ruptured appendix 3 years ago. I live in Honduras, central America. tomorrow I am going to have a colonoscopy after a consultant told me that: sometimes when the surgeon removes the appendix they if fact cut the colon and stitch the two 'pipes' back together, sometimes this area grows scare tissue on the inside and constricts the flow.

I get bloated after eating, continuously constipated, stools of all sorts of shapes if at all!!

I get fatigued, tied, irritable, hardly any sex drive, sometimes go without eating for days, or if I do eat then about as much as a mouse then I look like I am 7 months pregnant!

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replied March 19th, 2011
cant eat
why cant my daughtereatits been 4 days since she hasnt ate she got herapendix removed she is 10!
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