I had an abortion almost two weeks ago. It is not something I wanted to do. I have 2 kids already and I know I could not support another baby right now plus I have had 2 c-sections. Believe me I never believed in abortions and to be honest I still dont because I have to deal with the fact everyday that I did something that I should have NEVER done. I will live with that the GUILT evryday for the rest of my life. I have a couple of questions that maybe one of you could help me out with.
1. I have very sharp pain in my stomach and I feel like I am going into labor... Is this normal? Should I see a doctor? (After two weeks)
2. The guilt eats me up every day...Is there any thing I can do to cope with this??
I have a book called "No one told me I could cry" but reading that just makes me cry harded.
3. Is there any way to forgive myself, better yet is there any way God could forgive me for what I have done?
And to anyone thinking about getting an abortion please write me because there are better ways to get thru this. I dont wish this pain and guilt on anyone. I have to deal with the fact every day that I wont see my baby grow up. Sad
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replied January 24th, 2009
Re:pain after abortion
oh my dayz i feel exactly the same as I've been in ur situation.
firstly it is uncommon to still be experincin pain after 2weeks I had this problem and in the end after 4visits to the hospital I had 2 have some tissue that had not been removed surgicaly removed at my local hospital. so you should deffinetly get this checked out.
2ndly to be honest in my opion and experience there is really nothing you can do to get over the guilt I dont think anyone ever does...what you have 2 do is forgive urself I know its hard and I haven't forgiven myself and dont think I eva will but whats done is done we cant go back, be thankfull that you do have kids because i dont and having one is all i wanted.oh and trust me cryin helps soooo much, if u feel like crying have a good 1, if u feel like talking, talk as much as you want its all part of the process.
I believe and Im not the most religous that god has forgiven us because we are only human and none of us no matter what moral high ground they try and stand on are without sin. You can go church and asks for forgivness I did this and even though im not a religous person speaking to the nuns helped me in a way that i cant explain it justa gave me a little piece of hope that God does forgive us.
hope this was helpfull if u eva wanna chat holla bk, take care and gudluck...it is a very long journey
p.s i have found that this is a very sore topic and in my case i can tell my friends n family dont wanna talk about it they brush it under the covers as if it neva happend luckly for me the boy is very understanding and lets me talk about it wheneva i feel like it i know he doesnt want me to but he knows i need to talk or i will go into depression. i hope you have some1 to talk to if not u can have me i found that its a bit of an alien thing to people hu have not had a termination and they believe that we should just get over it.
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replied December 31st, 2010
I'm 20 and 2 months ago i had an abortion.. the worst thing i've ever had to do.. Its tears me up inside day after day.. I never told the dad cause he wasn't my bf or anything just suppose to be a one time thing that now has affected my life.. I know I've hit depression and I don't know how to pull myself out of it.. I turned to drinking and have yet to take to to myself since everything has happen... every day I think about it so much.. It's not that I hate myself for it i know I wasn;t ready for a baby its just the fact i had to do it took away a life and i can never bring it back is what kills me and knowing i should be pregnant and around my 21st birthday i should be having a baby..
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replied December 19th, 2011
stomach pain and guilt
I had an abortion a week ago and am still experiencing abdominal pain, especially after I eat, which is really weird. It could be that the antibiotics are giving me a sensitive stomach? I don't know.

It seems possible that your stomach pain is related to the stress you are putting yourself under.

I am actually surprised that all the posts here focus on guilt associated with abortion. I just say this because I did feel guilty when I was considering getting an abortion, not that there was really another option. I was thinking about it, though, and I suddenly came to the realization that my guilt wasn't because I believed that I would be doing something immoral, it was because society puts this stigma on abortion, implying that abortion is the "easy way out", or, to put it another way, irresponsible and selfish. I thought about just how irresponsible it would be if I had this baby, the effects on my parents, my boyfriend and myself, not to mention the child. I couldn't seen my relationship lasting through that kind of stress and I definitely don't have the money to do it alone, or with my boyfriends help (I work full-time in food service). I do not want my children to grow up in a broken home, in poverty, or, frankly, with my 23 year-old-self as a mother. I want to be a good mother, and I want to be a ready mother. Every child deserves that.

tl;dr : Having an abortion does not make you irresponsible or selfish. Sometimes it is the right choice. It sounds like this is true in your case. Don't beat yourself up.
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