on tv tonight it was announced that the topic on global news is "oxycontin being taken away from canadians" what does this mean exactly? thanks for your help Kim
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replied March 1st, 2012
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Actually, in an article by the Toronto Sun, it is the older formulation of OxyContin that will no longer be marketed by Purdue.

It is going to a new formulation called OxyNEO (or Oxy New, if you do not read Latin).

This was done in the US about two years ago, when it went from the old "OC" formulation to the new, abuse deterrent one, the "OP" formulation.

I do not know if OxyNEO is going to use the same formulation as the "OP" or not. But, it probably is. It's doubtful that Purdue would spend a lot of money developing a new abuse deterrent. It is designed to deter the ability of OxyContin from being crushed and injected or snorted.

The new "OP" formulation has a gel in it to make it almost impossible to crush, chew, or break apart. So, they are probably going to do the same thing in Canada.
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