i have been using oxycodone for about three years now. I started off slow then gradually increased my dosage to anywhere between ten to fifteen 5mg percs a day. I have been trying to stop and slowly decreasing then some stressful situation would arise and I would go up and down again. I binge drink sometimes when I use cocaine about once every three weeks and have been working hard to stop that also. I feel like I am winning with the cocaine because I have come to hate it so much. I like the percs because I don't feel as though I lose control but they are making me sick. I look and feel awful more often than not. I have to make excuses all the time to leave my home which is in isolation and requires our boat to leave. I have to sneak money for my addiction and I despise myself for this. I am tired of this struggle and want the pain and hurt and self hatred to stop. There is a man who lives at our farm that has dr prescribed percs 300 a month for a bum leg. He gives them to me or sells them I should say and in exchange he wants me to bring him back crack when I go to town to feed his addiction. If my husband knew this he would kick him off the farm and this man is old and will die and have no home if this happens. He would probably divorce me as well! I am now down to about six or seven percs a day and have three left in the bathroom downstairs. Tomorrow morning when I wake up I will take one or two depending on how lousy I feel as it varies from day to day and is caused solely from withdrawals overnight while I sleep. I will take my final perc around noon and start the withdrawal. I am so scared as I know how much it hurts. I have to work but it's my business so it's not too bad and I am pretty current and up to date right now. I just want to have someone I can talk to while I go through this so I am not so alone. As I mentioned I live on an island and only my husband will be here and I cannot tell him. He will wonder what's wrong. He says I am always sick. I am afraid my marriage may not survive this but this has to end now or I fear I will die. I just want to post my feelings and I hope someone will reply so I have a friend to be with me for the next few days or however long this will take! I don't want to go through this alone and I am so frightened. Please pray for me and thank you for listening to me.......... Smile
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replied July 23rd, 2011
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Hi, I answered your other post but this I will add
don't get him the crack, but buy instead FROM A VITAMIN STORE ONLY, probiotics and take culture counts of 100 million daily for few weeks
drink water only NO SODA and eat properly
u can cut this down and manage,
is there any way for u to see dr due to your pain and if so then do that and enlist husband to help u, as to your older farm hand; I understand your feelings and concerns but u will need to cut him back along with u
do a little research and look for homeopathy and herbs to get over withdrawal of opiates, narcotics
if your pee is not yellow buy and take Vitamin B100 daily
best wishes to u all
give these things a chance
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replied July 26th, 2011
i want to help you. I'm going through the same thing only I am in your husbands shoes. The addiction hurts both members. We are getting ready to have our first child and we are short of money. So we decided his buying of perscription drugs needs to stop. It has not slowed down due to his genetic syndrome that gives him daily excrutiating pain. It's hard to know what the right thing for me to feel even. Should I let him b/c he's in pain or is the pain just masked my the drugs and comes back even stronger when he's not on them? What do I do?
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replied October 23rd, 2019
Thank you for asking at Ehealth forum!

I read your question and I understand your concern.
Its opioid and gradual withdrawal is advised.
Treatment in a rehabilitation centre is very effective and helpful.
I hope it helps. Stay in touch with your healthcare provider for further guidance as our answers are just for education and counselling purposes and cannot be an alternative to actual visit to a doctor.
Take care
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replied October 30th, 2019
hello, i know what you are going through and i would imagine everyone who has ever come to realize that they are addicted to pain killers and that they are going to have to face the music and quit has had the same questions and concerns run through their minds. I know that quitting is possible and will not sugar coat it, it sucks! But you can do it! I do not know all of your situation but if you have access to a treatment facility, there are drugs prescribed that can help to reduce some of the withdrawal symptoms and help you to transition to a life not having to chase that high.Subuxone or Zubsolve is 2 that i know of and have used personally. It is not a permanent choice but can help to get you on a path to a healthy life again. If this is not an option then i would suggest what the user "ohcalcuta" suggested. I know it may not be the best option but i would consider bringing your husband up to speed and tell him so he can be on your side instead of being blindsided by your actions down the road. He may be hurt or disappointed initially but if he loves you he will help you get through this. This is not something we decide to bring upon us intentionally, but unintentionally we have to deal with these consequences. Having support is critical and having to hide just makes it harder down the road. Good luck and I will pray for your recovery!
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replied November 30th, 2019
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I am totally agree with that when you have some kind of pain then we mostly used pain killer but I think using too much of pain killer without the prescription of physician not a good things to do..
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