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ovulation,trying to concieve

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This is the 4th time i went for ovulation cycle,i mean i am trying to concieve since last 1 year,in first cycle clome tab was helpint to form eggs but in my recent cycle it was not working so i was given 4 HMG injections
follicular summary
Day15 Right ovary:-Df1-23*23,,,,,,,df2-22*22,,,,,,,,,, df3-18*18
left ovary:- Df1-20*20 endo-8mm
and was asked to take HCG5000,and start medications as susten,dhupaston,preganova for 15 days
so i was asked to keep relations for 3 days i did but i was feeling some light abdomen pain ,so i went for ovulation jst to check if it worked,but sonologist said that hemmorage is there in all eggs as they were showing some lining structure in eggs while scan and asked me to consult my doctor with follicular summary on day 19 Right ovary:-Df1-25*21,,,,,,,df2-24*25,,,,,,,,,, df3-20*20
left ovary:- Df1-20*20 endo 12mm
again on day 21 my gyne asked me to take 1 more hcg500 as egg didnot rupture and asked to keep relations on every alternate day,also go ahead with more ovulation scans,is it all going in right direction,because sonologist said it will not work and gynecologist said u need to take injection
please suggest
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