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Ovulation Pain?

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I was unsure of where to post this, but really need some answers. Okay last month I stopped using birth control because my hubby and I are trying for another one. We didn't want to plan right away but wanted to take a few months off the pill first. I had bleeding a week after quitting the pill don't know if that was considered a period or just from the pill. Last week I had heavy cm towards the end of the week. Then on saturday I had a sharp pain to my left pelvic area. I figured I was ovulating and considering I wasn't trying yet I decided to use protection. Well tuesday my hubby and i had unprotected sex. I thought I was safe, but yesterday and today I have been having a lot of cramping. Mainly when I get up and move around. Im fine if im just sitting or even resting. So my question is what is all this cramping from. Is it just normal to cramp a few days after ovulating or could it be something else?
I was on the pill for a year. Before that I was on nuvaring. So its been a while for me to remember some of the pains that come with ovulation. Thanks for any replies.
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