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Ovulation after six months off the pill?

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I'm 52. I am off Birth Control for 6 months, no period. I had a few days of, what I describe, as sudden libido. Was that a natural hormone surge of ovulation?? Or just a surge? I had unprotected ses (duh) What are the chances of getting pregnant? I'm worried.
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replied March 12th, 2011
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yhelp, It will be surprising if you stopped menstruating for six months because of the pill. It is much much more likely due to menopause.

At 52 it will also be one for the record books if you get pregnant from intercourse. All the eggs left are genetically damaged at this stage and very unlikely to support successful fertilization and implantation. Your uterus should also not support implantation.

During and after menopause your libido is controlled by testosterone and progesterone. The most likely reason for sudden horniness is a surge in testosterone. Having a surge of these hormones does not mean ovulation.

Sex and masturbation after menopause is quite healthy and will help you to maintain vaginal health. If you are sure your partner is STD free, there is no reason not to have intercourse without protection. STDs are however increasing in the post menopausal group, so be careful.

You can take a pregnancy test around 3 and 4 weeks later to make sure.

Best of luck!
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