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overwhelmed. my worry is that this wont go away

Hi there,
thank you for any help in advance, I started a really stressful job and was dealing with a highly stresssed boss who picked me as her confidant. I also have my own stresses such as leaving my 9 mth old son to go to that job etc.

The stress all built up and after talking my boss down from a panic attack, I felt my own chest getting tight and shortness of breath, these are the only two symptoms i have had apart from very sore muscles.

I found out i was pregnant so I left the position as I was feeling really overwhelmed, its been about 4 weeks and I am still stressed not as much but more worried now still about the tightness around my chest etc, my worry is that this is something that wont go away, I am waking up about 6 times a night, I am not sure if that is stress or pregnancy hormones or just used to waking checking on my son.

I am just looking for some reassurance I suppose because im worried.

thank you.
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replied September 28th, 2013
I am currently 9 weeks pregnant.
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