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My younger brother is only 17 years old and his wieght is 100 kg.any one please suggest me how we control his weight.
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replied September 2nd, 2010
First of all, only HE can control his weight. He's going to need to want to-to see the benefit in it. It's really stressful to lose weight, and many overweight people eat out of stress. If he is one of those, he's going to need to find an alternate method of stress relief or it just won't work.

As for him controlling his weight. Diet and exercise. No diet should be void of the nutrients a person's body needs, or they will only gain it back once the diet is over. It should be more of a permanent eating habit change.

Lean eats (grilled chicken breast, fish), low-fat dairy, plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, cooking food in olive oil, and berries are a good start. There are plenty of recipes on the web that teach how to make healthy dishes that taste good. If you think about it, not many unhealthy products existed before the food market industrialized, and trans fat and high fructose corn syrup was developed. Before then, there were still thousands of ways to make good-tasting food.

He should eat at least three times a day-beginning immediately after waking up. He should portion his meals and try not to eat in the 2 hour period before bed. If he can't stand eating less at this point, he should take baby steps. 1. Eat just as much as I did before, but only healthy food. 2. Spread meals throughout the day. 3. Begin to distribute meals in healthy portions. It will only take a few days for the stomach to shrink and be used to smaller portions. It'll take longer than that for his drive to put things in his mouth and swallow them (if he's a stress eater) to go away.

Exercise in baby steps too. Example: 1. Walk to the end of the block and back. 2. Walk around the block every day. 3. Walk one mile every day. 4. Look into exercise programs, pick one, and get started.

For most people, the ability to lose weight starts in the mind. They must develop self confidence, and push through the fear that they will be unhappy or miserable. They must confront the hidden fears that they are hiding with their obsessive eating. I understand what I'm talking about because I'm a stress eater. I gained 50 kg in the last 2 years (though I used to be a cross-country runner). I'm attempting to turn all of that around at this time.
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