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Overdose: Citolopram, Cetrizine Hydrochloride & Trimethoprim

A few weeks ago I overdosed on Citolopram 10 Tablets @ 20mg, Cetrizine Hydrochloride 25 Tablets @ 10mg each & Trimethoprim 7 Tablets @ 200mg each.

I didn't notice any immediate effect although the following day I felt sick, the urge to vomit and even so far as going to vomit but nothing coming out, I them slept for more or less 2 days, obviously not continually but I was in bed for the majority of the two days.

After that the noticeable effects wore out. Prior to overdosing I'd been told that I have a kidney stone (yet to be treated) in my left kidney and I'd also been diagnosed with depression.

I'd like to know what long term effects this overdose would have had - by the way this isn't the first time that I've overdosed, I've been overdosing medicine since I was 11, my first being a packet of 16 paracetomal at 200mg each. I realise that overdosing is plain stupid and suicide in itself is a worthless thing to do, however after listening to various philosophers - one of my personal favorite's being Alan Watts I've come to conclude that suicide might be a way out. Though my family are fairly religious I am more stuck with the idea that once you've encountered death there is no afterlife - the idea of reincarnation does fascinate me though! Anyway I shan't get off on a tangent...

My parents aren't too fond of the term "depression" and strongly feel that it's no more than a thought implanted into your mind and doctors prescribing such medicine are merely using their patients as guinea pigs.

I obviously know that I'm suffering from depression but my parents will not allow me to take my depression medication - as they do heavily impact performance making me a hell of a lot more "slower" and definitely do make me drowsy - regardless of when I take them. Alongside this my parents will not allow me to meet with a psychiatrist as they strongly feel that he or she will end up prescribing more medication.

So to conclude my parents aren't horrible, and I know that they want me to succeed - mum worked her ass off to get me into a school that represents the top 5% of the country - I just feel that they do not understand what I'm going through.

The two questions I'd like to ask:
What are the long term - or internal - effects that this overdose may have caused?

What can I do to overcome depression and remove these suicidal thoughts?

I've had some pretty shitty experiences over the years and that probably explains what I'm going through but I won't get into them.
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replied December 27th, 2013
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Well first I would like to say is

a) there are government run programs that are free and help those with depression. Often these will run by social workers.

b) if your medications or rather citalopram side effects were so significant then you could've discussed other types of medication as SSRI's are not the only option for anxiety. However, if they are only making you drowsy then you should take them at night as suppose to the morning and this should remove that problem. (to be honest I am surprised the pharmacist didn't say anything about that as it is a fairly common issue)

c) ignoring the rather lack of knowledge that your parents have on mental health issues. Perhaps try convincing them to let you see a psychologist as a psychologist by law can't prescribe medication since they don't have a md thus removing there criticism of prescribing drugs and still ultimately gives you the professional help you need.

As to the criticism the only legit concern about medications for mental health issues is the fact that doctors can't measure the the neurotransmitters in your brain (without expensive equipment) and thus have to make a stab in the dark about which medication they have to give you. however, beyond that depression is not an implanted thought well no more then the rhino virus. As we well know that depression is caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters.

Now lastly, and this is important. If you are seriously considering suicide or harming yourself and you think there is no option. Call 911 and get yourself to the hospital and there you will essentially go through a very intense program to get yourself better.

As to the overdose there tends to be liver damage, but, if this your first time doing something like this I wouldn't be overly concerned as binge drinking can do the exact same thing and people live on normally.

While I am not familiar with the last two drugs. However, with citalopram there is term called serotonin syndrome which is generally the 'overdose' of an SSRI.

Best of luck.

If you need help locating the appropriate number for the government programs let me know.
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