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Overcoming fear, is their a remedy?

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I am a 23yr old male.
Ever since I've started having sex when i was 18, I have always had problems 'getting it up' in the bedroom.
I have had more than 10 sexual partners and majority of them I have had problems with at least the first two encounters.
I don't believe it is an erectile dysfunction, as I have been able to 'get it up'.

My last girlfriend I was with for 1 year, and had been able to 'get it up' more than I ever needed to. We had amazing sex, and I was able to give her an orgasm that she has never had before.

Lately, I have been seeing a girl for a couple of weeks, with 0/4 attempts and getting it up on all different occasions. I'm fearing she is wondering if I will ever be able to get it up, she says she doesn't care but I'm wondering how many more times she will be willing to have a go.
She is much prettier than previous partners I have had, I think that may be why I am so afraid of not getting it up because I want to impress her, which definitely is not working.
I keep telling her It's not normal for me to fail at getting hard so many times and I even told her I think I am having performance anxiety, I'm not shy with her, or afraid to show her how I feel only knowing her for a couple of weeks, I don't feel scared of sexual interaction, I think I may be having mental problems, what goes on in my head, it often seems to drift away from what is actually happening.

On an embarrassing note, I have even tried wearing particular underwear that when friction occurs against my penis, it is kind of a stimulant. Often I get an erection when sitting in class or walking around yet when I come into sexual intercourse it's almost like the woman is a de-stimulant.

Has anyone been able to overcome this fear, some strategies that I could take before seeing her even???

I have found a box of cialis in my dads room, I took half a pill hopefully he won't notice. I just want to try it out, I have read up on it and made sure it is safe for me to take. I'm hoping it will break the ice a little and once I get it up once, it will create a positive chain effect and I won't need it again with her.
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replied July 5th, 2009
You will be able to gain a better control over your penis mentally and physically by doing penis exercises regularly.
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replied July 6th, 2009
You can sent me a private message if you want further details.
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