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Over using baby medications?

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my mother in law and fiance are constantly giving my daughter different medications. She is 6 months old. Whenever she is crying more than usual, after feeding/changing her, they start mowing through the OTC drugs for babies. First its the colic tablets, which are homeopathic, i'm not worried about those as i've heard most homeopathic remedies don't do anything. After that they give her baby acetaminophen, which it says right on the bottle to ask a doctor if the kid is less than 2 yrs old. Then they give her teething gel. If none of that works they give her benadryl. She had an allergic reaction one time, and the doctor recommended benadryl, so now they use it, in my opinion too often. I am most worried about the acetometaphin because it says it can harm her liver. I've mentioned to them that we should ask a doctor if we are over medicating her, but they've been ignoring me.

I want to make sure my daughter is comfortable, but i'm worried we might be over-doing it. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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