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April 1st, 2013
As a person that has experienced and seen my erections get weaker over time and has masturbated for long time, I can say that wolf is ignorant and dumb.

I remember a few years ago, I stopped masturbating or even thinking about it for a week and at the end of that week I was able to maintain and have strong erections. This was all due to me not masturbating. If that's not a sign that overmasturbating can cause impotence, I don't know what is.
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replied July 26th, 2013
Over masturbating.
Hello everyone!

This is my first post. I ran into this forum looking for information about over masturbating for a friend of mine, who is dealing with symptoms I had and was able to recover from, by changing my habits.
I've had the same problem as he has and shared with him my experiences, but he also asked for sources for this on the net.
I would like to share my experiences here on the forum, maybe they are helpful to someone.

Around the age of 16 and up I started to get symptoms:
general fatigue to almost outright exhaustion.
Fatigued back and lower back pain.
Painful muscles and joints.
Shin splint like feeling in my legs.
Mental fogginess.
Concentration problems.
Memory problems.
Mood swings.
Feeling down a lot of the time.
No lust for sex.

I discovered that when I stop masturbating completely (and only masturbating), these symptoms disappeared after a week. After two weeks I felt energetic and mentally clear again. Lust for sex was strong!
When I returned to masturbating, after a week or so these symptoms gradually came back. Especially the fatigue and mental fogginess.
The frequency of masturbating was 4 times/week or higher, sometimes one/day.
Talking to other people and assuming they were onset in there answers, these figures cause no problem for some, were others recognized part or all of my symptoms.
There is a great variance within the human population, and I assume this is no exception.
I discovered that when I follow my lust for sex, I develop a pattern of every three days. Thus two times a week.
I advice people to do these controlled tests themselves and let them come to conclusions based on there own experiences.
Funny thing is that these symptoms do not develop when I have sex with girls. I'm not quit sure as to how this works, but my results through testing these findings have been consistent. It's not too far a stretch of my imagination that our reproductive organs were meant to be used with the opposite sex. Smile

Anyway, I've always been exercising (bike racing, and sprinting 100/200m ). My diet has always been healthy and when I was sixteen my mom mostly made the diners, very healthy.
I have no problem with masturbation, no guilty feelings or anything else that could indicate a psychological mechanism. I'm a happy, healthy software engineer now, and hope this information will help others to get to my quality of life, which is now great! Razz

Lots of luck and wisdom! rainbow
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