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Over-Masturbation ill effects

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Im currently a 20 yr old male. Growing up I had a terrible habit of over masturbating (3-5 times daily) for probably about 2 years and this started at Id say age 15-16, after that Id say about 2 times a day up until this year. I feel that this is the main cause to my premature ejaculation issues i face now as well as adrenal fatigue and Im looking for some type of relief from it

i never knew about over masturbation until recently but now i need to know the way that i can recover the quickest. lately when i ejaculate all of my cum is all watery, it isnt that thick white substance that it should be which pretty much makes me think even more so that i have over masturbated for way too long.

also what is everyones opinion on the start and stop technique? i was reading from some that it is a good idea to train your body to get better control but some say that even though you arent actually cumming it is still harmful since it will promote the standard inflammatory response for excessive prostaglandin E2, histamine, glutamate, epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol, and burn androgen hormones and neurotransmitters.

please any type of help that i can get will be a god send. thanks for taking time to read.
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First Helper Celph

replied January 6th, 2011
20 yr old male here as well, and have the same story as you do. I have done so much research on the topic.

I do think the start and stop technique is good. Holding ejaculation in after masturbating over periods of days however is bad.

anyway, after lots of research I have kind of found out about neuroplasticity of the brain, and how it adapts all the time. kids can be trained to not have adhd anymore just by mind exercises for example.

anyway I think that over-masturbation just trains your brain to come quicker if you do it quick, and depletes your brain of some chemicals and over a period of years it just stays in that sort of homeostasis.

Umm, so the websites you look at to gather your information, the supplements they offer are a crock of poo. Bad deals, way over priced.

I am starting to take supplements from puritans pride
that include

liquid fish oil/flax oil (liquid is 1000% better then pill form with fish oil)

methionine, magnesium, protein shake/powder, magnesium, multi-vitamin, 5-htp, vitamin C, and some borage oil for prostaglandin e1

ummmmm, this is sort of my own "vitamin therapy"
I assume it will take months if not a year before I see true results. Neuroplasticity takes a lot of time. Masturbation wise I plan on stopping for a while.

hopefully only doing it once a month for several months until my body/brain get back to normal, then just masturbate normally again.

but yeah man, this stuff is kind of goofy. if all fails, you have spent some money, and got a heck of a lot healthier with that sort of vitamin supplements

But I think it might work, and I am sure that it will make erection strength a lot better

LETTING YOU........wear some durex climax control condoms (numbing condoms) without losing your erection, walaaaaaaaaaa all better!
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replied January 6th, 2011
well my erection strength hasnt suffered at all, if anything i become way too easily stimulated and rock hard. my only issue is premature ejaculation which is pretty severe (ejaculate in 5-10 seconds)

Interesting supplement list though, Im on vitamin C cause as I mentioned I think I have some adrenal fatigue and that helps.

What are the benefits of the rest if you dont mind giving a breakdown for each. I know I gotta check out more on the prostaglandin e1 vs e2 definitely.
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replied January 6th, 2011
the liquid fish oil/flax oil helps inflammation, which tones down prostaglandin e2

methionine is a natural anti-histamine(as well as vitamin C)
magnesium helps with all sorts of things. I at first thought it was important because a lot of your semen is magnesium, so they researched that people that prematurely ejaculate have low levels of it for some reason.

But I have noticed that the pills that help with premature ejaculation (anti-depressants and tramadol [painkiller]) help with serotonin, but ALSO help with relaxing smooth muscles, and your bc/pc muscle is a smooth muscle. when it is really tight it rubs against the prostate which makes you ejaculate much faster.
I have read scientific journals that state that magnesium is a real big factor in relaxing smooth muscle. look it up if you want. most americans have a magnesium deficiency, I think its around that 85% of people dont get enough of it. but it takes the body a long time to get back to normal from a magnesium deficiency (6-12 months.)

5-htp helps with serotonin production, so its basically a natural anti-depressant.

protein powder is just so you get a lot of amino acids you might be missing in the day, to get proper neurotransmitter function

I havent found a good Gaba supplement yet but I might start looking for that too.

But yeah, I am on the same boat with you too, I only last a few minutes, so I'm trying to fix the problem naturally.

Just don't feel too bad about it, I got down on myself for a while but it isnt really worth the time. I am quite confident that over time this vitamin therapy will help me control it a lot better, but if it doesn't, there are a lot of other ways that can help (climax control condoms, tramadol for example)
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replied June 15th, 2013
i am suffering from same problem whenever i think about sex or talk to any girl my fluid comes out i am suffring from this problem for 5 years kindly tell me the any tablet or oil which improve my penis viens i eat many tablets but no relief
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