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Over active sex drive is tearing us apart.

I am a 31 year old female with an over active sex drive.
I am still in the process of getting a complete medical diagnosis of the condition I am suffering from but it is looking like I am suffering from a Adrenal hyperfunction or Cushing's Syndrome. My doctor has been proactive and has recomended one of the best Endocrinologists to go and see.
I have a wonderful partner. I communicate well with him, Infact he was the reason why I started to seek help for my symptoms. When we first started dating, we were having increadible sex. Atleast 4 times a day. The begining of last week we were averaging having sex 4 times a week. This week we have had sex twice.
The spark has gone. There is no emotion in it anymore. He tells me that he loves me. But he is stone cold. Doesn't want me touching him in a sexual manner anymore. Doesn't want me to go out in public with him for some reason
I thought I was doing the right thing opening up with him about what I was feeling, what I was thinking. He started questioning if I was thinking of sex all the time(usually I am). But when I am not, he tells me that I was. and if I wasn't, I am now. I feel like I am being punnished. He is very irrettable, cranky, quick to shut me down if I try to talk to him about something that is bothering me. I have been very careful as not to even touch him in a sexual manner this week. I have been tending to his every need, waiting on him hand and foot in the hope that he can see I can function normally in life without everything I do, ultimately leading to or suggesting sex.
Someone who I felt was supportive of me, trying to solve what ever the hell is going on with me is pushing me away and i feel like I have nobody else that I can turn too and consult about the matter due to the sensitive nature of my condition.
I understand that the prospect of your partner having a possible life threatening tumor on one of my organs would come as a shock. I know. I have been struggling to deal with and get my head around it myself. All the tests that I am shortly to be subjected too. The fact that I will have to travel significant distances for treatment on a regular basis for possible surgery and chemotherapy. If it is just excess cortisol my adrenal gland is producing I will still need to travel significant distances for treatment because I am known to have an ellergy to the drug they use for treatment.
We have only been together for a few months. I am sure when we hooked up, he wasn't looking for someone with a serious medical condition.
He is struggling to communicate with me much at all. Even the everyday chit chat about nothing in particular he appears to find difficult. He is now resorting to sleeping all day and night. I don't know if he is depressed, If he is having trouble processing things or he is just plain ignoring me.
It is hurting me severely. The one person I confided in treats me like I have the plague.
I am now beginning to ponder if I should leave the relationship. If it is best for me that I just pull stumps, not let anyone else close to me until I either recover fully or I just kick the bucket. I don't even know if I am strong enough to go this road alone. My support network isn't all that strong and there is no facilities here in the bush to help people deal with these sorts of things.
Now I am just out right confused and alone.
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replied February 28th, 2012
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Hi MsMuffet and welcome to ehealth: Have you always been like this or is it something that has just started?...Did it happen with any particular sex action that he did?....The fact that you were having incredible sex four times a day to me doesn't sound like a disease...It sounds like you were both in want for each other...Twice a week is not bad...Kind of normal...If this is enough for you why are they looking further into this?....Many women enjoy sex and even despite the fact that we am older we still have a very active sex life...Like you state maybe the want for you has worn off or it's something deeper?....Maybe he is scared he can't keep up with you?...There are many variables in this and I think you should check them out....Wanting a lot of sex, at least to me, does not warrant all the things that they are talking about doing....That is unless I am missing something....Take care...

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