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Ovary pain after miscarriage and infection?

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In July, I had a missed miscarriage. I wasn't miscarrying naturally so I had a D&E procedure done. The procedure went great. However, the next day I came down with a fever and went to the ER. They saw that I had a uterine infection and kept me for a few days. I recovered well. Since then, I've been having horrible ovary pain. I originally thought it was my appendix so I went to the ER. They sent me home and gave me some pain killers finding nothing. I got an ultrasound done for cysts. The ultrasound was normal. I still have the pain, but it's on both sides. It's consistent. It's worse during ovulation but happens all the time regardless. It's to the point where I have to stop and bend over a little. Any suggestions?
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replied April 6th, 2012
Re: those painful ovaries
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. That is never easy to have to deal with, no matter the situation.

I hear you, girl, when you talk about the pain! I have multiple complications myself, including PCOS, so I am glad to hear your US was normal. Have you talked to a specialist about it? In my experience, the US techs at my gyn's office are so much more experienced at identifying what is going on in there, than just a generalist at a primary clinic or hospital. (I once had an US referred by my primary, and the woman took 45 min to figure out what she "thought" was going on - and the tech at my gyn's office had it done in under 3min! ...I had a 3+ cm cyst) But I would be worried there may be a lingering infection, as you suggested, and I would hate to see that ruin your future reproductive health, if it isn't treated.

In the meantime, my little home remedies to help deal with the pain are: 1) apply a heat pad. If you can get one of those moist heat ones, not an electric, is best, and try to sort of wedge it in while lying on your side, if you have the chance to lay down, so that there is a slight pressure from the heat pad.. 2) You know that stretch we all had to do in PE where you bend your knee back and grab your ankle? The one that stretches your front upper thigh muscle. Try and do that once or twice a day, and counter that with your bending forward (stretching, of course! :p ) but believe it or not, making sure the muscles through your upper thighs and lower abs/pelvic area are loosened up will help keep extra tension off of the ovaries. 3) My final suggestion is going to sound really ummm, yeah, well, funny! But if you are the right height, lean up against the washing machine during the cycle! That sounds crazy, but believe me when I say that steady, gentle, evenly-distributed vibration will help massage and ease the pain.

I wish you the best though, and do hope things are better!
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replied October 15th, 2012
Hi I've 2 miscarriages. One in July and one last week. My right ovary was sore after my first one and has remained sore and my left ovary is now sore after my second miscarriage last week. Now I'm in agony most of the time and worried as to what it is and if it will effect my fertility. Waiting on scan........... Pain killers just don't cut the pain. Lyns
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