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Ovarian enlargement and holes in large intestine

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My mother is 69 years old and has been diagnosed with 2 problems:
1. One enlarged ovary.
2. Holes in the large intestine

1. The gynaecologist found that one of her ovaries was enlarged (4 cms). She says it could be a cyst or a tumour and it cannot be found out what it is unless it's removed first.

How can it be found if the enlargement is malignant and whether it is a cyst or a tumour?

2. She had been suffering from stomach pain and upset stomach since many years but did not take it seriously. She showed it to the doctor a few months ago when it became a regular problem and it was found that she had holes in her large intenstine.

Is there any treatment for this? The doctor has given her a pain killer and antibiotics to take daily and says there is no treatment.

Would she need a surgery for these 2 problems and if so, would it be safe for her at this age? She wants to avoid surgery if possible.

If needed, Which minimal invasive surgery could be done here? Would she require complete bed rest after this surgery ? When can she resume her normal tasks after the surgery?

Waiting for your reply,
Best Regards
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