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ovarian cysts severe tailbone pain

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tailbone/ cyst abdominal- just pray 1 person can help thanx

Look I am really seeking help- although i am appreciative that I have medicaid, I think I need help with some answers. OK Keeping it short, at 35 I had my son (4th child a year and a half ago) and then afterwards I had a numbness in legs and some strange right hip pain. Since then that has faded and then I started having abdominal problems- constipation, mucuos stools, abdominal cramps. and excessive burping- then the other day had the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced in my life- in my tailbone- middle top of buttocks- right side in my buttcrack (sorry just want help locate) could not sit stand move- worst in my life.... reluctantly went to the ER and they said that the ct scan and it showed ovarian cysts. at first they thought it might be twisted so they did an ultrasound-- waited in room for the dr to return for a long time- after a long while the nurse not dr said i was being discharged and that the dr said i suffered from sciatica and mittleschmerz (something about an egg rupturing--- think it is a blanket excuse) and ovarian cysts (but said they would pass) , but am confused- anyway PLEASE if anyone has an idea, similar story or knows a dr that could point me in the right direction i would be ever so grateful. I beleive your body warns you and my has got progressively worse. I just pray that one person out there and Lord willing will help me w/theor story- have 4 beautiful kids to focus on rather than this- thanx for time
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replied February 5th, 2012
Tailbone pain
I am going thru the same thing horrible pain in the same place. The only thing is I have some huge fibroid cyst on uterus having hysterectomy feb 14 2012. I just want to know if that is what's causing my tailbone pain. Uugh it's killing me! Did u ever get any answers? Please help
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