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Ovarian cysts; Dont know what to do....

I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts back in march. The Gyno I was seeing put me on the birth control pill I take everyday. She monitored my cyst 2 months after I started the pills. At the last ultra sound I had the tech had issues telling the difference between my bladder or cyst. Also it had gotten bigger, a week later the doctor I was seeing sent me a letter stating that there was no long any reason to monitor my ovarian cyst. After my insurance denied to help me pay any of my bills due to my new condition. I have since then continued to take the birth control, and am still in pain. If i move around to much like run around or quick it hurts in my abdomen to my back. I am still tiered all the time, my breasts sometimes hurt so bad that if I even lightly touch them it makes me want to cry. I also am constantly going pee more often then usual, along with a weird white/yellowish very thick snot like vaginal discharge I have never experienced before. I don't have any insurance except women's health that only covers your basic ob appointment and free birth control. I cant go see another doctor unless I pay a couple 100 dollar down payment I do not have. I don't know what to do.. I am afraid if it goes on to long its going to cause long term issues. I can feel it when I bend over. That to me is not normal.. Please help!
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replied November 28th, 2013
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If there's a women's clinic (like a Planned Parenthood) in your area, they may see you for a nominal fee. I believe they charge on a sliding scale. If you don't have a copy of your records (ultrasound reports and doctor's notes) from your appointments for the cyst, it would be helpful to get them and take them with you. And hopefully, the cyst will resolve on its own and you won't need any treatment. Good luck and post back to let us know what happens.
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