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Ovarian cysts, constant abdominal pain,

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I was diagnosed with a ovarian cyst almost the size of an apple in september 2010, it was bleeding and I went to surgery the next morning after it was found. After my surgery I was put on Ortho Evra to keep the cyst from returning. It is now January and I have the same symptoms I had with my first cyst, constant abdominal pain, sharp intermittent pains on my right ovary, full feeling on my right side all the time, and frequent urination. I call and made an appt with my obgyn that did the surgery and he did an internal exam , refused to do an ultra sound and passed by my symptoms like I didnt even have them. After the internal exam he sent me on my and said nothing about another cyst or even wanting to check for one. So my question is, is it possible to have another cyst so soon? and I would prefer not to be on birth control if it is not going to help me with the problem they were prescribed for. Suggestions and thoughts appreciated.
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replied January 30th, 2011
I'm sorry to hear that you're having troubles, I have an appointment next month to see a doctor about similar issues. I'm afraid I might have ovarian cysts as well. I have all of the symptoms you have just described, but do you ever get pains so sharp and intense that it is hard to move while the pain persists?

I was referred to this site by my mother who also had ovarian cysts, which I think may be very useful for you if you're looking for some alternatives.
Something to think about for sure. Feel free to keep in touch, louisa.
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