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Ovarian cyst or pregnancy ?

Last month my mom and I thought I should get a pelvic ultra sound because I had very bad abdominal pain right after my period ended that lasted a couple of days. I told her that if it happened again this month, I'll let her schedule an appointment. My period, though, is now late. A couple of days ago I had 3 days where I would wipe and there would be light pink blood. But I never actually bled, you know? I had abdominal pain a little before that happened too, but it wasn't like last month. I'm not very sure what to think because I should've had my period already. It's embarrassing but I don't want to tell my mom about it because if it could be pregnancy I don't want her to find out by going to the doctor, because she's had a lot going on lately. I doubt it's pregnancy though because I really have no other symptoms of that. But, what could this bleeding mean plus the fact that my real period hasn't come?
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replied January 3rd, 2009
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hi your period might be late because of the stress of the pain your experiencing if your in doubt take a early pregnancy test Jenny
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