51 yr old worried about ovariancancer, it runs in my family, Great grand mother and grand mother died of ovariancancer both, my mother removed her ovaries at age 25, I am 51 with tubes tied, irregular periods within the last 8 months, heaving vaginal bleeding, I have aninguinal hernia mesh repair on the right lowerside, it was done April of2015. i had a colonoscopy a yr after, April, 2016. The GI had to push throught the colon to get in. I went to the ER 6 hr later due to abdominal inflammation and bruising. CT scan showed free fuild in the abdominal cavity w/ bottom mesh lifted and 3 lose staples,The suregon believed the GI cause the mesh to be lifting, now the mesh is attaching to the colon, getting surgery in 2 weeks 03/22/2018. a yr went by where i was getting better buthurting at times.However, 8 months ago, 08/06/217I visited the OB/GYN and complained about Heavy vaginal bleeding, sharp stabbing pain on Rightovary and vaginal clear fluid discharge pouring out only once.CT scan read:inguinal hernia repair w/ mesh placemnt cul-sac-fluid, probably physiologic in this pateint due with follicular ovaries who appears of mentrual age. There is evidence of inguinal hernia repair. There is a tiny 17x9 mm sub muscuscular fluid ocollection in the right external iliac region, perhaps tiny residual postoperative seroma, the OB/GYN didn't see the report, but she said the abdominal fluid could indicate Ovarian cancer, She order a CA125, it was negative.The Trasnvaginal ultrasound showed 2 cysct. Left ovary had a simple cyst and right ovary a complex cyst. She put me on birth control Microgestin Fe 1/20 Norethindrone Acetate & Ethinyl Estradial 1mg/20 mcg to stop the bleeding and to reduce the cyst.This was Agust of 2017. the pill worked for only 5 months, back at to theER on January, 15, 2018 due to sharp pain again on my left ovary, burning pain as well. I saw a GP and she order ordered a vaginal ,the right ovary was not seen. The left ovary measured 3.5x2.3x3.0 with small amount of fluid on the pelvis. I went to get another ultrasound 2nd opinon at night time w/ anOB/GYN he did a pelvic exam and blood was gushing out, he said the uterus was normal, he ordereda transvaginal ultra sound and didn't see the cyst from 5 months ago that the previous ultrasound showed. Whywas he able to see both ovaries, are these test not acurate? hedidnt exactly know what was causing the heavy bleeding but prescribed me a stronger bith control pill Northindrone Acetate 5mg, it stopped the bleeing after 2 days, I used this med for a month, I gained unexplained weight 20lb in one month, One day, I woke up with a swollen, bloated abdomen looking 6 month pregnant. MY LOWER BACK was hurting and so was one of my legs, i felt tired and fatigue and nauseous,The next day the swelling went down. Again, amonth after, I was back at the ER 2/13/2018 complaining of lower right pain where the inguinal hernia mesh is at and my right ovary. Wasn't sure it fit was the ovary or mesh another OB/GYN changed the medication again to control the bleeding, she said she was putting me on real estrogen med TRI-LO-SPRINTEC 0.10MG/0.215 MG/0.25 MG-25 MCG tablet, it stopped the bleeding, she ordered a pelvic MRI, it said uterous measures 8.7x5.1 cm and is retroverted, thining interior myometrium due to prior cesarian section.Endometrial stripe is greatest in lower body measuring 6mm.Focal area of junctional zone thickening posterior in the lower uterine body measures 2.2cm and could represent focal ADENOMYOSIS versus fibroid at the fundus measures 1,2x0.8cm. The Ovaries are atrophic. Tiny follicle is seen in the left ovary, trace of free fluid is seen. is the MRI not good enough to see masses or ovaries or a CT scan not relaible? . I am worried, my inguinal surgery is around the corner, the surgeon is going laporoscopic to remove the mesh attaching to my colon, can he see if there is ovarian cancer or will he be able to see ovaries he perfoms the inguinal hernia mesh again., he is going through my csection again and i guess behind the hernia, laporoscopic he said. I am more worried about Ovarian cancer, Unexplained weight gain and weight loss is also a symptom. Ovaries are atrophic :/ why did the surgeon who did my hernia 2 years ago, I saw him again recnetly 3 weeks ago, he said my ovaries weren't normal, he looked at the MRI and I had a cyst on each ovary and that i was ovulating on both ovaries not normal he said, he is the top surgeon for general oncologist, not an OBGYN or GYN Oncologyst, I met with him 03/05/2018 to discuss mesh repaired he did, he will removed the mesh an stitchme up insteads, The next day I went to theOBGYN, she said he was confused because the MRI showed no cyst, instead they were my ovaries, The MRI didnt say anything about cyst or maybe the MRI doctor refused to comment on it or point out any masses, the report didnt say any of this, because it was to see the pelvic area, It did notsay anything about the mesh either, he just saw the picture and new it, but I am confused because he told me somthing different about the ovaries and cyst when the OBGYN said he was wrong. The pictures he sawwere your ovaries she saidand they are fine, but the MRI said Atrophic ovaries, can this be ovarian cancer, I am dealong with the inguinal hernia and ovaries :/ and fluid build, the CT can from 08/06/2017 Said it was from possible postoperative ingunail repair. I feel I am being misdiagnosed.
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replied April 17th, 2018
Hello and welcome to EHF !

I went through your query and i want you to know that the work up for your ovarian malignancy screening was negative and with your family history you should have a follow-up screening every year or two. Now the use of oral contraceptives is a bit controversial but again the benefits and adverse effects are always weighed in favour of the patient. Your menstrual history might have made your doctor to prescribe you oral contraceptives . However it's a calculated risk and not necessarily important that every oral contraceptive intake will lead to malignancy. Rest your mesh repair and hernia other associated comorbidities need supportive care and symptomatic treatment. if you are you are overweight lose it and you will have relief not just only in hernia as well as your menstrual irregularities.

Take care
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