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other people/beings through my body?

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I think I might have other people or beings (perhaps other races [Nepils (Greys), Annunaki, Nephilimm]) entering my body. Or
maybe they are some sort of dream sustainment or holograms being put through me. Maybe it's my own body doing it, but I don't
think so. It would have been given much more research and public informing I think unless I have very unique genetics. They
can speak inside my mind and through my mouth I think. They also can move my body I think (my body involuntarilly moves).

What's really important is the technology they might possess. I think they can use fields of foundational energy (perhaps
the same energy we may exist throughout) to sustain matter, emotions, sensual experience, well... experience in general.
They can make people feel things, anything thing imaginable I think.

It wasn't always like this. I think I might have been a part of military training, testing, expirementation, or some sort
of playwrite. Another women who might be having the same experiences has a lot of videos on the web I think, or did. I think
she goes by "Winged" and runs Desteni Productions, a website.

I think they make situations up and put us through them and see what happens. Like, I think I use to think my brain sustained
another universe and I was in contact with them or that secret societies were playing with me. I don't remember if I believed it,
but I think I acted on the and it felt like I believed it I think. This situation I think requires military research and
supervision. Maybe these beings or people wear suits to protect them from thought effecting them and have technology like
shown in the movie (I think this is the right name for the movie) AVATAR. I would be more then willing to write more about my
experiences and help further research.

I've been through some I think horrifying experiences too. Whatever this is might not be survivable (torsion fields) because
the way my brain or these beings/people are making me feel I think. I hope someone stands in and sees the situation clearly
and helps.

There might be other people on the planet like me.
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replied March 25th, 2012
Active User, very eHealthy
Stop memorizing names for starters.

There is positive and negative, that's all one needs to know, and either can appear to us at times as the other, even though they aren't really the other.

Annunaki, nephilim, made up words, meaningless.

Good and bad, thats all that you need to know exists.

Not names, however ancient they are, or however many people say these names.

I've had a hologram as well, I've understood it though somehow, it was being caused by them, although it was a hallucination. Needless to say, mom is very mad with me. I suppose that I just knew to much, or did the right things.

It wasn't me knowing though, I was just hanging out, it was them telling me. And it couldn't be ignored. It's not a choice.
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replied April 9th, 2012
I understand what you mean. I have had similar experiance, it is demonic in nature, I initially thought it was good and evil. It is the demonic realm trying to clue you in that spirits exist. The devil is quite powerful, but so is Jesus Christ. The demonic wants to control, manipulate and afflict. Dont believe that any voices or control by these are natural. Avoid drugs, alchohol, avoid the occult, listen to gospel music. I tried med's, completely inneffective for me. Just have faith. Also live correctly, spirits are everywhere, both good and evil. I still suffer from this
affliction, but im not going to let it destroy me. I trust in Jesus.
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replied April 9th, 2012
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Perhaps powerful when it comes to our world.

I could walk up to an ape and strike a match, the ape would think that I was all knowing and all powerful wouldn't he, or that I had magical powers.

I actually believe now that the ones most involved in our world are kind've the losers of the spiritual, it's as if they had nothing to do in their world you know, and how could one be so intrigued with our little home here you know, what it would take is a loser of the spiritual. Some kind've apish spirit really.

It also only seems to be a battle down here, we act as if this was all that there ever was, I don't think it is the same perhaps anywhere else. We can be harmed is the difference.

Let me ask you this, if i took candy from a baby, would it make me powerful? And should I be proud of doing that as if I was?
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replied May 17th, 2012
jesus is the only one who can set you free, if you take pills you will become someone else anyway, Jesus can take these demons away,
truly if you want to be your self, pray from your heart and ask Jesus to come into your heart and to be lord of your life,
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