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Other birthcontrol methods?

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I've been on depo-provera for about two months now and after the second shot, I've gotten my period and it hasn't stopped and it's been well over a month. I'm wondering if it's going to continue, some say only few women have their period stop and the rest may continuously have it.

If they continuously have it, is there any other birth control shot? I can't take pills(I have intestinal problems and digest to slowly for pills) and I would prefer not to have the patch.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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replied September 29th, 2011
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You should talk to your doctor about stopping the breakthrough bleeding. It is not uncommon, but also not normal. Remember to take an iron supplement to get your energy back while you bleed like this.

Other methods:

Ring (Nuvaring)
Implant (Implanon)
IUD (Mirena)
Condoms (latex and polyurethane)
Natural (Fertility Awareness Methids - FAM)
Pill (various)
Patch (Ortho Evra)
Sponge (less effective)
Pull-out - Very ineffective. Only use if you do not mind becoming pregnant.

Each method has its own pros and cons. Speak to your health care provider to determine what will work for you.
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replied September 29th, 2011
one that i found to be great was the copper iud paragard... the best part is its non-hormonal so it won't jack your body up... and if you ever wanna have a kid then have it removed and your body is good to go.... no waiting for your body to be normal or your cycles to be normal... i personally hate the depo shot... my doc told me a year after being on it that "IT HAS A BLACK BOX WARNING" so look into it but remember our body's weren't meant to have any more hormones then it needs... hope this helps
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