Does anyone know which is safer re ostoporosis, Omeprazole or Lansoprazole.
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replied October 16th, 2012
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Both of these medications are proton pump inhibitors, which have the POTENTIAL to cause osteoporosis.

Most of the studies of this have been done retropestively and actually looked at the incidence of hip fractures in elderly patients, comparing those who had been on high doses of PPI for over a year and those who were not on the PPI. The conclusion, was that those on the PPIs had higher rates of hip fractures.

But, does this directly relate to osteoporosis? The studies were done looking back and making inferences. They are looking at “osteoporosis related fracture rates”, making the assumptions that the PPI are causing the osteoporosis which is causing the fractures.

So, as to which one of the PPIs has less effect on osteoporosis, that information is not readily available. The medications are looked at as a class, rather than individually.

If you are concerned about taking PPIs, discuss this with your physician.

Good luck.
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