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Osteophytic thecal indentation

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my MRI imaging report digonised me as follows:
1 Osteophytic thecal indentation marked at C6/7 level followed by C5/6 level
2 Degenerative spondylosis at my lower back
Only the right side of my body is affected.It is with difficulty that i turn my neck to the right.I feel as if i am draging my right leg,ifeel a lot of distress and weekness on my right shoulder,myright arm all the way to my fingers
I found my neck bended down &slanted to the left and my right half my body almost paralysed ,whenever i wake up from my sleep.Only after some physical excercise that i can walk in acceptable posture.
what kind of excercise should i do? i sometimes use neck-colar in bed time.i do not use pillows b/c they worsen my neck pian. So far the conventional physiotherapy ,acupresure ,weight lifting did not help.Local neurologists only sugested physical terapy and some injections
p/s help me out
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replied September 8th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
I you are really seeing a neurologist, that is the wrong kind of doctor to be seeing.

You need to see a spine specialist, either an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in spines or a neurosurgeon who specializes in spines.

If you are already seeing a spine specialist and you have not had any good results with his/her treatment, then you should seek the opinion of another spine specialist, as obviously what this doctor is telling you to do is not helping you.

Good luck

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