Hello I'm Jacki and new to all of this.
I've recently had a knee wash out and was told that I had osteoarthritis and was bone on bone and this meant i would need a new knee. I know that I can only have this done once and it will last for 12 years. I'm only 56 and don't know whether to have it now and make the most of my 'youth' or to put up with it as long as possible. What do you suggest and what can i do to help myself? e.g. I've heard about emu oil (any comments?) and what kind of exercise helps? I've read lots but many contradictions and so I thought I'd ask those who really know. Thanks for your time. Jacki
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replied October 19th, 2008
Osteoarthritis is a progressive degenerative chronic condition of the joints which ultimately can affect the quality of life of a patient. I suggest talking with your family doctor about the options that you have to manage this pain.

Treatments that your doctor may suggest include ibuprofen (or aspirin) for pain, and chondroitin to prevent further damage (of which there are few randomised controlled trials indicating effectiveness).
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replied January 17th, 2009
Requeim for osteoarthritis in middle age
Hello Jacki,
How are you doing? I just saw your post. Actually I am an Orthopaedic surgeon in Chennai, India. I understand your predicament about having a knee replacement in middle age. Well, if you are in constant pain and other treatments don't work, then knee replacement is the only option.
There is now new hope for young and middle aged patients requiring a knee replacement. I have introduced the Oxinium knee implant in Chennai, India. This has been successfully implanted in the knee of a 34 year old Dutch patient.
good luck
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replied February 19th, 2009
Help for arthritis
Hi. I am sorry to hear of your misery! I have osteoarthritis. I use a liquid nutritional supplement called Vemma and it works great for me. I used to wake up with stiff joints and it would take me some time in the morning to work some of the stiffness out and to get going. My joints would swell and get hot. Since taking Vemma the swelling, pain and heat in my joints in minimal. I would recommend you try Vemma. God Bless, Celene
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replied June 16th, 2009
Natural arthritis treatment
Hi! Have you heard about BMAC procedures. It involves using your own stem cells and it regenerates cartlidge growth. You can't do this if you already had a knee replacement. There are good results with this procedure.

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